Top Tips on How to Find Home Repair Services

Owning a home can be pretty exciting; you get to decorate the space, choose the tiling or paint the walls. But every now and then, your home will need some work done by professionals. Work that you are not qualified to do, such as home repairs or home constructions.

If the home repair is out of your own field of expertise, or you can’t “DIY” the repair yourself (in many cases it is not recommended to try repairing something without an expert’s help), it is best to find a good home repair service.

But that is not as easy as it sounds; finding an excellent service can take some time.


Here are some TOP tips for finding a good home repair service and how to protect your property from poor service providers:

  • make a complete list of all the work that needs to be done in your home – making a clear list will help you figure out how much repair work you’ll need in your house, and how much money you will have to put aside just for that. That’ll also help your handyman know if he can be qualified to do the job you’ve hired him for. It is not advisable to “surprise” the repairman in the middle of his work with more requests he might not be sure to execute properly.
  • get reliable references – one of the best ways to find a good home repair service merely is by asking around. Your next-door neighbors might have contact information for a home repair service fitting your needs, so don’t be shy, go ahead and ask for a reference. The best home repair services rely mostly on word of mouth recommendations, so it will be one of the safest ways to find a good handyman.
  • check online reviews – look for home construction complaints left by customers, as they can also offer you valuable information about a certain company. There are a lot of good sites you can get reliable home repair reviews and references from, such as Yelp, Craigslist, Angie’s list etc.
  • make sure your handyman is insured and licensed – if you are hiring a handyman through a home repair provider, make sure that they insure their workers. Know that you might be held liable if an accident happens to a handyman while he is working on your property, unless he has liability insurance. That is also one of the indicators of a good home repair service. Not only that protects the workers, but it also protects you from any additional payments.
  • request a cost estimate for the work that needs to be conducted at your property – this way you protect yourself from any scams from the company/handyman. It is always wise to ask for estimates of pricing in advance for both the work done at your property and the materials needed for the job to be executed. Sometimes it’s better to inform a handyman that you cannot go over a certain amount, so they know they can’t expect additional payment.
  • check tips for homeowners for any additional information about home repair tips, construction tips as well as landscaping and gardening tips.
  • read real consumer reviews on independent review platforms. AJ Perri review listings can give you an insight on pros and cons of any home repair services.
  • ask for a written contract – these contracts protect you from any confusions or forgotten details about the requested repairs. And if the handyman doesn’t do his job properly you will have a valid document that proves the agreement and you can easily take it to court.
  • your local hardware store might have the right info for you – you can always go and ask around at your local hardware store for a good recommendation. Almost all of these stores have bulletin boards where many local contractors and home repair companies put their contacts and advertisements.


Also, a good idea for you will be to interview the repairman or contractor before hiring them, asking them what types of work they have already done in the past and how much experience they have in home repairing.

You can never be too safe about fixing your property, so get well informed before you decide to hire home construction and repair services.