9 Tips For Selecting A Tungsten Grinder For Your Next Project

When it comes to being able to achieve a high standard of excellence in regard to your TIG and plasma welding, then it is important to know what to consider when you are interested in tungsten grinders in order to ensure optimal welding results. Therefore, to help you out, we will mention some things that we think are highly important to keep in mind when you are searching for your next new top-quality hand held tungsten grinder.

Offers grinding for various sizes of tungstens

The portable tungsten grinder should be able to provide great grinding for various sizes of tungstens. This is based on the reality that you will have different types of welding that you will be doing, as every welding project certainly is different. Therefore, it is understandable that the grinder should be able to accommodate different sizes of tungstens that will need to undergo the process of grinding for your wide array of welding endeavors.

Various sizes of angles tips

Due to the fact that you will be doing different types of welding that require the grinding of various sizes of tungstens, this means that there should be the inclusion of different sizes of angles tips when you get your portable tungsten grinder. The angles tips will allow you to achieve diverse angles during the process of welding. Circumstances will involve welding different objects, which makes the need for a variety of sizes of angles tips of prime importance.

Convenience of full grinding package

It is also ideal if the hand held tungsten grinder comes with the inclusion of a full grinding package, such as the inclusion of a screw pack, a tungsten electrode sharpener and a diamond chip. This will make the product extra convenient to use, so that you do not have to immediately purchase these various items separately. But if you find a really great tungsten grinder that has the features that you need and does not come with the extra full grinding package that contains the various elements that we have mentioned here, this does not necessarily mean that you should not buy the tungsten grinder. You just may have to buy the grinding package separately.

Able to perform well for welding in many different industries and situations

As a result of the fact that tungsten electrodes that have many different diameter dimensions are used within a wide span of industries, this means that your tungsten grinder should be able to perform according to the needs of many different industries in order to make it a reliable go-to handheld tungsten grinder for so many diverse situations. During the process of welding, it is noted that there is the formation of an arc between the end of an electrode as well as the object that needs to be welded. This is the reason why you need to have a top-quality tungsten grinder that can perform ultra well.

Consider the tungsten sharpener as well

Then it is realized over the process of time, the point of the electrode sustains wear and can become damaged. That is the reason why there may be the experience of current transmission that is interrupted or inadequate. Due to the fact that the efficiency of your welding as well as the quality of the welding that you perform are directly correlated with the condition of the point at the end of the electrode, it is vital for the point to be sharpened as required. That is the reason why you will also need to ensure that the tungsten sharpening tool provides the sharpest points for the tungsten in order to ensure the best outcome when you use the tungstens with your tungsten grinder.

Sharp grinding head with continuous movement

The cordless tungsten grinder will come with a grinding head. Indeed, the grinding head should move continuously without interruption to allow you to perform all your welding jobs seamlessly. The grinding head should be sharp at all times in order to produce accurate welding every time. Moreover, the grinding head of the tungsten grinder should be powerful and precise. Then you can be sure that the tungsten electrode will undergo the process of grinding in an optimal manner in order to achieve the kind of welding that is precise and done with a standard of excellence.

Inclusion of rails for the grinding head and ability to handle high temperatures

The grinding head should also have tungsten guide rails, which are often made of brass. The rails will allow for true concentricity as well as multiple offsets. This allows for increased usage for the grinding wheel for long periods of time. In addition, the grinding wheel of the tungsten grinder certainly should be able to handle high temperatures. Then you will be able to have the confidence that your portable tungsten grinder will be able to perform exactly as it should every time that you need to use it to do some high-quality welding.

Created with an open design

It is ideal if the tungsten grinder is created with an open design. This is due to the fact that such a design that is open allows for the installation of the grinding wheel to be done more quickly and efficiently without the occurrence of any hassles. Thus, it is truly evident that the open design for your portable tungsten grinder is ultra convenient.

Comfortable to use

When you are considering getting a fantastic new portable tungsten grinder, you must be sure to get one that is comfortable to use. In order to make sure that the tungsten grinder will be comfortable to use during long periods of welding, the grinder should be easy to grip. It should fit well in your head and it should not easily slip out of your hand. The grinder should be a stable device that will be easy to use and control. Also, the grinder should be light in weight to allow for maximized comfort. When you have a tungsten grinder that is comfortable during usage, you will be able to perform all your welding with much accuracy and with a higher standard of excellence.