5 Benefits of Working with a Professional Deck Builder

If you’re building an outdoor deck, you need a good specialist in your corner. Why? Because many homeowners end up frustrated, behind schedule, and over budget — all because they didn’t think it was important to hire a qualified professional.


Here are five reasons why your best interest lies in hiring a professional deck builder before you add this feature to your outdoor space.

1. Correct installation

Many people think that building a deck sounds like a relatively simple task, so they try to do it themselves. More often than not, this does not work out ideally. Poor installation and quality of decks can prove extremely dangerous, both during installation and after the fact.

This is especially true for multi-level or second-story decks. Decks have to be built and reinforced in such a way that they will stay upright through all types of weather and weight — that’s where a professional earns their stripes.


2. More experience

Professional deck builders get better results in less time because they’ve done it so many times before, in so many different settings. DIY deck building, or hiring an unqualified specialist, will very quickly prove problematic for these reasons. There is simply no substitute for years of experience and hundreds of successful deck projects under the belt.

3. Meeting codes and regulations

Any large addition to your home will require approval from the city. Outdoor decks are no exception. A qualified deck builder will submit the plans for your deck and obtain the needed permission for you. They’ll also be familiar with local building codes and regulations, and will make sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.

4. Affordability

Professional deck builders receive discounts on materials from manufacturers and stores, so with the price of labor, it often ends up being close to what you would pay if you did it yourself. And when you consider the long-term value of having a reliable outdoor deck installation from the ground up, it’s definitely more affordable to hire a skilled pro.

5. Getting the tricky angles right

Outdoor decks come in so many different styles and shapes. It’s also worth noting that no two houses or landscapes are exactly the same. This means there are trick angles involved. People who build their own decks often struggle with these details — again, this probably comes down to a lack of experience (plus tools and skills). The advantage of working with a pro deck builder is being able to really go for the design you want, and have every expectation of a flawless result.

Finding the best deck builder in your area

As you begin your search for the best outdoor deck builder in your area, you will likely have to know some rough dimensions of the space so that the builder can give you an accurate estimate for cost and time. Once you’ve signed a contract with a builder, the speed and professionalism with which your deck takes shape is another great benefit.
Good luck with your outdoor deck projects this summer!